1. Stephen Christoff writes songs from what you might call sidewalk observations: On one hand, he’ll write songs about Prague, wanderlust and airports and on the next, Executioner’s Daughter’s and Trains. He finds loads of humor in the most absurd and everyday things that life dishes up.   His newest recording titled “letters from jupiter” (his third) brings styles of Brazilian jazz to roots blues.


As a performer, Stephen has performed frequently on Virginia’s public radio, The Smithsonian Center for American Art and Portraiture, The Library of Congress, Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens, Peninsula Fine Arts Center, The College of William and Mary and The Black Swamp Arts Festival.

Accompanying his voice  is his fender resonator guitar. He also plays the  handflute, musical saw, jews harp and trombone. He often loops sounds together: For example, he’ll sing and play the guitar then, in the middle of a song, he’ll put the guitar down and play the musical saw.


“There is a playful, even ironic, air to this mixture of influences, and a continuous touch of self-parody in his songs and stage presence, which always keeps you smiling, often laughing out loud, but thankfully somehow never distracts you from the sincerity and mysteriousness of the world his music creates.”
-The Sugarloaf concert series
Silver Springs, Maryland

“Lyrically, Christoff weaves stories of pickpockets and executioners, human cannonballs, and gravediggers – brewing up a vast mix of images that spark the imagination into carnival fury. A
prolific wandering minstrel and world traveler in his own right, Christoff writes songs that leave the listener wondering if these tales are fantastic fables or journalistic accounts of a life of perpetual mystery and absurdity – or perhaps, a little bit of both.”

-Clamour magazine

“You’re not likely to hear anyone else like Stephen Christoff anytime soon. He is a true original. A tasty blend of Folk/Country/Art/Rock/Skiffle and anything else you’d care to pour in. This man drives
all over the road and it’s a thrill and a pleasure to ride with him. Surrender yourself and go with him – it’s an unforgettable musical journey.”