Stephen has been singing, playing instruments and making noise since he was thirteen years old. He’s been a singer/songwriter since he was in his late teens and writes songs that run the gamut stylistically from Bossa Nova to gypsy, alt country, folk and blues with elements of rock.

His influences range from Nick Drake to Sting, Paul Simon, Bjork, Radiohead, Stephen Sondheim, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney, Herbie Hancock, Talking Heads and Steve Reich.

He plays the Resonator guitar, acoustic guitar, musical saw, jews harp and the hand-flute. Many songs incorporate looping these various instruments together.

Stephen has performed on “Hunter in the morning” radio show on Norfolk public radio and “The Electric Crowd” on Richmond public radio. He was a featured artist on WHRO Norfolk public television. Williamsburg’s Next door Neighbor Magazine did a feature article on his music. He has done regular performances at The Smithsonian Museum, The Hennage Theater, The Kimball Theater and “An Occasion for the Arts” festival. He has performed many local and regional festivals, microbreweries and wineries. He just released his brand new single “Everywhere You Go You’re There” on all streaming services and the newest single will be out soon!

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